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Chairman's Message

The Unika Group has grown steadily since its founding in 1965 thanks to the patronage of our customers.

Since 1965 the Unika Group has achieved several stages of global growth as a specialized producer of advanced cutting tools indispensable to industrial and infrastructure applications.

We pursue a global management strategy, emphasizing excellence and competitiveness, to provide high-quality, high-performance tools which are made with leading-edge materials and technologies and deliver outstanding customer utility and environmental compatibility.

Our operations in various parts of the world have been developed through localization of processes from purchasing through production and marketing, in order to best meet the needs and conditions of each area, with flexibility for national and regional characteristics.

Our new holding company arrangement will both reinforce the growth strategies of the group as a whole, and speed up the decision-making at each company, in order to more quickly and sensitively serve the steadily diversifying needs of our customers.

As the Unika Group continues to advance from Japan to Asia and the rest of the world, we stand ready to support the growth and development of societies everywhere.

Yoshiro Shinohara